5 Questions With The Southern Edge

Today we would like to introduce you to lifestyle blogger Madison of The Southern Edge. Madison’s blog began with her love of all things style and fashion. As she began to travel and experience different cultures, foods and people her blog expanded to include more of what she came to love. A talented blogger Madison has been lucky enough to cover New York and Charleston Fashion Week! Follow along with Madison over on Instagram!IMG_5029

What inspired you to start blogging and how long have you been blogging?
Well, I have always had a very strong interest in style and fashion (so much so that I went to school for it) but I never knew what specific part of the industry I wanted to work in. I have many friends that have blogged for quite some time now, and I have seen the opportunities they’ve been given due to blogging. After seeing their success, I knew that I wanted those same opportunities, and that blogging could help me get there. (And if nothing else, it’s a ton of fun and I get to meet fabulous new people!) I have only been blogging since April! I decided to get serious about it after Charleston Fashion Week.

What has been you proudest blogging moment?
I don’t know if this is lame, but the first time a major retailer liked an instagram photo I got very excited. I also love when local stores regram and retweet my posts…I just think blogging has such great cross-promotion potential, and it’s exciting to see that happening.

What is something you would like to learn more about?
Oh my gosh. Everything. Graphic design, social media marketing, SEO….I could literally go on forever, but those are at the top of my list.

Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
I haven’t found my favorite place in Charleston yet. When I moved in and didn’t have wifi yet, my pool was my office (there was wifi at the pool)…so that’s not too shabby I guess?

If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
Any blogger, from anywhere? Adam Gallagher. He’s incredibly well-dressed, and his posts are always very witty…and seeing as how he’s “blogger-famous” he obviously knows a thing or two about promotion.

5 Questions With Coastal Bride

Today we’d like to introduce you to the founder of The Charleston Blog Society and the voice behind the wedding blog Coastal Bride, Gillian Ellis. 1044059_732903330425_504206112_n via Peter Frank Edwards

1. What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
I have been a wedding photographer for 6 years now and since day 1 of my career I have always loved running our photography blog. I started realizing that there was more that I wanted to share and blog about and started thinking of launching my own, separate blog. There are so many blogs that I read and am inspired by. It seemed like a lofty goal to even believe I could write a blog. But two years ago I finally took the leap! Looking back now I am so glad I launched Coastal Bride and wish I had done it sooner!

2. What has been your proudest blogging moment?
I am still so proud of being published on The Everygirl as it is one of the very first blogs I ever followed.

3. What is something you would like to learn more about?
I would love to be better at Pinterest and managing social media in general.

4. Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
Spring afternoons on the porch at Kudu are perfection! But most days you can find me typing away furiously from my living room couch until way too late at night.

5. If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
I would absolutely love to meet Grace Atwood of The Stripe. Her writing is so authentic and I feel like we would really get along. I also would not mind meeting her cat Tyrion Puff.