5 Questions With Side Trekked

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenny and Erin the two bloggers behind the travel blog Side Trekked. Make sure to follow along with their adventures on Instagram as well! SideTrekked
1. What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
One night we were sitting in our living room discussing how we were not using our degrees and how we each wanted to work in the travel industry. Jenny dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic and Erin really wanted to write for Travel and Leisure magazine. We felt God was calling us to use the talents and passions He had given us to further His Kingdom. So we started SideTrekked to go where we can when we can while we can and launched our blog in October 2015.

2. What has been your proudest blogging moment?
We love hearing from our friends, family and coworkers when they’ve read the blog and enjoyed it. The random “Hey yesterday’s blog was really wonderful,” just makes our day. However our proudest moments come when we look at where our blog has reached internationally. As a travel blog our goal is to visit as many cultures as possible and so seeing that people in Indonesia, Croatia, Russia and Brazil are consistently reading our blog thrills us to no end. It really pumps us up and inspires us to keep going.

3. What is something you would like to learn more about?
We want to learn from each other. Jenny wants to learn more about writing and Erin wants to learn the ins and outs of photography. We are a team and teams teach each other and make each other better. Also as a travel blog we just really want to learn about as many cultures and peoples as we can!

4. Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
We both love Waterfront Park downtown. It’s so pretty and relaxing. It’s hard not to be inspired there. However, when it’s time to get down to business, there is no better place for us to work than on our couch with coffee cups in hand.

5. If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
We love Twins That Travel! They are so inspiring. They always talk about how they don’t travel or blog for a living which is really encouraging since neither do we. We also love Wellness Mama. Katie runs a healthy and all natural household. Our mothers both are very into the whole all natural, real food, diatomaceous earth thing which has definitely influenced the way we live.

5 Questions With Coastal Kelder

Today we would like to introduce you to Coastal Kelder, a cooking and craft blog by Kelly Elder! A lover of the ocean, Kelly draws much of her inspiration from her time spent in and around the water. Her crafts often re-use every day objects making them economical and earth friendly! Two favorites are these DIY oyster shell candles and easy shell necklaces. Follow along with Coastal Kelder’s most recent craft projects over on Instagram – here.View More: http://mintedphotography.pass.us/wilds-engagement

What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
As of last week, I have been blogging for 2 years!  I initially started to blog so my family could keep up with what’s going on with my life, but then I realized I kept posting projects I was doing around my apartment, so it kinda turned into more of a DIY blog, with a side of lifestyle.

What has been your proudest blogging moment?
Whenever someone comes up to me and says they tried a DIY project, made a recipe, or just liked something I blogged about.  That’s the best feeling for me — that people (other than my family) actually read, and enjoy my blog.

What is something you would like to learn more about?
A lot of my posts end up being what I currently want to learn more about, so it’s pretty all over the place.  Right now watercolor painting, making a wind chime our of oyster shells, and building an outdoor table for our new green egg are at the top of that list!

Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
Ideally, some outdoor bar overlooking the water with a fun cocktail… but the reality is my couch after work, with wine 🙂

If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
LC — like the Laguna Beach alum turned entrepreneur Lauren Conrad.  I’ve always loved her since her days in Laguna, and still love her blog today, plus I bet she’d have some hilarious stories from The Hills.  #teamLC

Bloggers Night Out at Bob Ellis Shoes

This past August we were given a real treat as the historic King Street store Bob Ellis Shoes opened their doors for the night and hosted our monthly bloggers night out. The night was full of shopping, mingling and sweet treats from Cupcake Down South. Their red velvet cupcakes do not disappoint and how cute are the shoe cupcakes they specially made for us? Enjoy some of the pictures of our night below and don’t forget to follow along on our instagram for more!

Looking to sponsor or host a Charleston Blog Society get together? Please contact Gillian@acoastalbride.com for more information.

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography

5 Questions With The Southern Edge

Today we would like to introduce you to lifestyle blogger Madison of The Southern Edge. Madison’s blog began with her love of all things style and fashion. As she began to travel and experience different cultures, foods and people her blog expanded to include more of what she came to love. A talented blogger Madison has been lucky enough to cover New York and Charleston Fashion Week! Follow along with Madison over on Instagram!IMG_5029

What inspired you to start blogging and how long have you been blogging?
Well, I have always had a very strong interest in style and fashion (so much so that I went to school for it) but I never knew what specific part of the industry I wanted to work in. I have many friends that have blogged for quite some time now, and I have seen the opportunities they’ve been given due to blogging. After seeing their success, I knew that I wanted those same opportunities, and that blogging could help me get there. (And if nothing else, it’s a ton of fun and I get to meet fabulous new people!) I have only been blogging since April! I decided to get serious about it after Charleston Fashion Week.

What has been you proudest blogging moment?
I don’t know if this is lame, but the first time a major retailer liked an instagram photo I got very excited. I also love when local stores regram and retweet my posts…I just think blogging has such great cross-promotion potential, and it’s exciting to see that happening.

What is something you would like to learn more about?
Oh my gosh. Everything. Graphic design, social media marketing, SEO….I could literally go on forever, but those are at the top of my list.

Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
I haven’t found my favorite place in Charleston yet. When I moved in and didn’t have wifi yet, my pool was my office (there was wifi at the pool)…so that’s not too shabby I guess?

If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
Any blogger, from anywhere? Adam Gallagher. He’s incredibly well-dressed, and his posts are always very witty…and seeing as how he’s “blogger-famous” he obviously knows a thing or two about promotion.

5 Questions With Fashion & Fishing

Priscilla runs what may be one of the more unique blogs in The Charleston Blog Society. Her blog Fashion and Fishing is all about creating a wardrobe that is 100% handmade! In a world where it is so easy to just buy everything it is really nice to see a blogger who is trying to be different! Read a bit about her below and make sure you visit her blog for inspiration! IMG_3730
What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for almost three years now and my blog originally started out as a way to keep my family and friends updated on the happenings of my husband Will and I’s life as newlyweds. He being the fisherman, and I being the fashion lover who had just embarked on a new adventure into sewing and creating my own hand made wardrobe. The blog has since taken on a new life and now it’s become a great way for me to make connections within the small but ever growing online sewing community and to also share my sewing creations with whoever is interested in checking them out. But in addition to sewing and fashion, my blog sometimes can get real and I may post about the pros and cons of being married, how we have survived through the ups and downs, struggled with infertility, how life moves on after a miscarriage, and how we find ways to fall back in love over and over again with each other. I can get deep sometimes and then I’m all like “check out this sundress I sewed.”

What has been your proudest blogging moment?
My proudest blogging moment was when I was contacted by Art Gallery Fabrics, one of my favorite fabric companies, to create a dress using 2 yards of knit fabric from one of their latest collections. It was an honor to be chosen for that blog hop but also the perks of getting free swag always makes having a blog that much sweeter 😉

What is something you would like to learn more about?
From a sewing standpoint I really want to start learning how to use my dress form and creating projects from draping versus using patterns. I’m getting there, but I am by no means an expert. On a personal level, I also want to work on my French. My mother is from France and unfortunately when I was growing up I could care less about the language. Ugh, childhood. So even though I understand the language very well, I am still not 100% fluent. I would love to spend some of energy on that.

Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
I am a total night owl so most of my blogging goes down in my sunroom at midnight with Netflix rolling in the background. When I am not at home, I will grab a Snapple and ride my bike out to Sunrise Park on James Island. In the evenings, the dolphins go crazy feeding on fish and I never get tired of the view.

If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
I have currently been stalking Merrick from Merrick’s Art. She has a great style blog but also sews many of her own pieces and at times is a source of inspiration to me. But my real love affair is with Michael from Inspired by Charm. I really think he would be my blogger BFF if he lived in Charleston. #lifegoals

5 Questions With Bikinis & Brunch

Today we would like to introduce you to Caroline of Bikinis and Brunch. Caroline’s blog features outfit posts, Charleston restaurant recommendations and a bit of travel – you won’t want to miss her recap of her European trip! A true Southern belle Bikini’s and Brunch is a bright spot in the blogging world and is sure to lighten your mood. Read all about Caroline below and make sure to follow along on her Instagram here.untitled-0041. What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
I’ve always had a love for fashion, beauty and style since I was little. I work a 9-5 with little creativity involved and my blog has been a way for me to express my love for the things I love! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but my husband inspired me to just go for it and do what I love. I started my blog May 1, 2015 but it’s probably been in the works for years.

2. What has been your proudest blogging moment?
I’ve been contacted by the brand Kora Rae affiliated with Jessie James Decker to wear their line. A photo shoot is in the works! It’s been really exciting to part of her brand launch.

3. What is something you would like to learn more about?
I would love to learn from other bloggers experiences and get a mentor in the blogging community. Techniques, tips, tricks. I mostly blog because I enjoy it, but I’d like to get insight on how to make it a career.

4. Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?
My living room with my frenchie on my lap (I’m a homebody).

5. If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?
Kate Blue from For The Love of Fancy. Kate and I have husbands who have similar jobs. She has been there for me since the beginning of my blog and helped me! I can’t wait to meet her in September!

Favorite Blogging Conferences and Classes

Starting and growing a blog can be daunting. Not everyone is an Instagram whiz or a master at Photoshop. But like anything in life it helps to learn from those that have been there, done that and luckily for bloggers there are lots of online resources to help. From week long conferences to online courses there is a course out there for every budget and level of interest.

So grab a cup of coffee and browse through some of our favorite blogging conferences and online classes below! And if you participate in any of them, make sure you let us know how it was! Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.26.33 PM

via Cooper & Thames

Atly – Online classes from Photoshop to calligraphy and online marketing.

A Beautiful Mess – Online courses from the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess. Covering topics like blog design, DSLR help and tips on monetizing a blog.

Altitude Summit – The largest blogging conference in the US. The summit spans three days and is offered twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Blogshop – Online and in person Photoshop classes for bloggers.

Blogging Your Way – Online courses covering multiple topics including Instagram and writing tips.

Bloguettes – Based in Arizona they offer online classes and in person workshops.

Blogacademy – A two day blogging workshop designed to take your blog to the next level. They offer classes in several large cities across the globe.

Heart & Arrow Design – Online courses covering blogging basics and building an Etsy shop.

Skillshare – Online classes covering almost everything from bookbinding to drawing digitally.

The Well – A super useful blog run by superstar bloggers Victoria McGinley and Meg Biram that includes helpful blog posts as well as well priced classes.