5 Questions with Boss Lady Jobs

Happy Monday morning everyone! We are starting a new series to help everyone get to know the members of the Charleston Blog Society a little better. We all read lots of blogs but how often do we really get to hear about the voice behind it? To kick off our interview series we sat down with Kate Wilson of Boss Lady Jobs.

Launched just a few weeks ago, Boss Lady Jobs is a unique concept as it focuses solely on highlighting women with creative jobs. Kate herself is quite the interesting lady. An avid traveler and a full time marketer with a passion for creativity she brings her warm and glowing personality to The Charleston Blog Society. Read on below to learn more about Kate and follow all of her adventures on Instagram – here.

1. What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

Growing up in relatively small towns in the southeast I never really had professional women role models that I personally knew. In school children are pushed into traditional fields and taught to aspire only to be lawyers and doctors and focus on how much money you can make. No one ever teaches you to explore what you really enjoy and few people realize there’s plenty of money to be made in the creative space. Charleston is an amazing little ecosystem full of women who are creative and making a huge dent in the digital corridor. My blogs sole purpose is to highlight women in these fields.

2. What has been your proudest blogging moment?

I just learned that some of my posts will be featured on Charleston Grit and it is so exciting to me to see these special women in the spotlight Grit can provide. Shout out to the fabulous women running the show, Jessie parks and Madison Miller!

3. What is something you would like to learn more about?
I’m SO curious and love to travel. I would love to learn more languages. My goal is to be beginner conversational in Icelandic by my next visit in the summer of 2016.

4. Favorite place to sit and blog in the city?

I do my best work late at night which means I’m at home in bed but for early morning sessions no one has a better breakfast than the acai bowl at Cafe Medley on Sullivan’s.

5. If you could grab coffee with any blogger who would it be?

That’s such a hard question! I feel lucky enough to be a part of this community of bloggers but I would LOVE to have lunch with Jenny Walton. She is the coolest blogger and illustrator making amazing work for some huge brands. I would love to sit down and just watch her work! Check out her Instagram @jennymwalton


Bloggers Night Out // The Americano

Last week the blogger babes of the Charleston Blog Society gathered for a fun evening of margaritas and tacos at Mt. Pleasant hot spot The Americano. Enjoy a few snaps of the night from our bloggers below. And if you are a blogger looking to get involved find us on Facebook here, you won’t want to miss next months event at The Finicky Filly! americano

Thanks to these bloggers for the Instagram snaps! A Polished Palate // Coastal Bride // Katevontaine // The Southern Edge Blog // Top Knot Polka Dot

Favorite Blogging Conferences and Classes

Starting and growing a blog can be daunting. Not everyone is an Instagram whiz or a master at Photoshop. But like anything in life it helps to learn from those that have been there, done that and luckily for bloggers there are lots of online resources to help. From week long conferences to online courses there is a course out there for every budget and level of interest.

So grab a cup of coffee and browse through some of our favorite blogging conferences and online classes below! And if you participate in any of them, make sure you let us know how it was! Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.26.33 PM

via Cooper & Thames

Atly – Online classes from Photoshop to calligraphy and online marketing.

A Beautiful Mess – Online courses from the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess. Covering topics like blog design, DSLR help and tips on monetizing a blog.

Altitude Summit – The largest blogging conference in the US. The summit spans three days and is offered twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Blogshop – Online and in person Photoshop classes for bloggers.

Blogging Your Way – Online courses covering multiple topics including Instagram and writing tips.

Bloguettes – Based in Arizona they offer online classes and in person workshops.

Blogacademy – A two day blogging workshop designed to take your blog to the next level. They offer classes in several large cities across the globe.

Heart & Arrow Design – Online courses covering blogging basics and building an Etsy shop.

Skillshare – Online classes covering almost everything from bookbinding to drawing digitally.

The Well – A super useful blog run by superstar bloggers Victoria McGinley and Meg Biram that includes helpful blog posts as well as well priced classes.

Useful #Charleston Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the fastest ways to grow your social media following and promote your work. It’s important not to over tag your images and abuse hashtags that have no relation to your subject. But sometimes it can take a long time to find hashtags that relate. To make your search a little easier I have compiled a few of the top #Charleston hashtags below. Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments so we can grow our list! chspicImage via Coastal Bride

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