Bloggers Night Out // Stox & Co

Recently Stox & Co. hosted The Charleston Blog Society for an evening of relaxation! The bloggers experienced Stox & Co. new Mt Pleasant location at The Boulevard. Each blogger left with an amazing swag bag full of goodies from Charleston Weekender and RMS Makeup!

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Stox & Co. for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // Pout

Recently Pout hosted the Charleston Blog Society at Leapfrog PR for a night of makeup and head shots! The makeup mavens at Pout gave each blogger a makeover while Josie Derrick Photography captured new head shots. With snacks provided by Callie’s Biscuits and Grey Ghost Bakery it was the perfect relaxing night out!

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Pout and Leapfrog PR for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // Revolution

For our June event Revolution Charleston hosted the Charleston Blog Society for a bloggers only spinning class at their downtown Charleston studio. Driven by pumping music and dark lighting the classes at Revolution Charleston are not to be missed. The wonderful instructors at Rev created a fun, welcoming environment for many of the bloggers first spinning experience. As bloggers we spend a lot our days sitting at a computer and the full body workout that Revolution Charleston provides is the perfect excuse to get up and get moving!Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_009Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_013Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_011Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_001Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_014Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_008Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_002Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_005Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_004Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_003Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_006Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_007Charleston_Blog_Society__Ride_Rev_010

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Revolution Charleston for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // Candy Shop Vintage

The lovely Dierdre of Candy Shop Vintage recently invited The Charleston Blog Society for a Cinco de Mayo party at her flagship store, Candy Shop on Cannon. The Town Serif created adorable signage for our bar cart while mini pinatas decorated the store. The bloggers were treated to a margarita bar, spicy guacamole, and festive fiesta decor. But the best part of the evening? Everyone went home with a coral Rice Bead necklace. You can’t beat that for Cinco de Mayo! Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_001 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_002 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_003 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_004 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_005 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_007 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_008 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_009 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_010 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_011 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_012 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_013 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_014 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_015 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_016 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_017 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_018 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_019 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_020 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_021 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_022 Charleston_Blog_Society_Candy_Shop_Vintage_023

Photography, Styling, and Concept: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Candy Shop Vintage for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // Arhaus

Arhaus invited our blogging group to experience their brand new Mt. Pleasant store the night before it officially opened to the public! If you haven’t experienced this store yet, I highly suggest you make a trip to the Town Center asap! Each room is decorated in a completely different style and theme that is changed monthly. We were treated to yummy bites from Burtons Grill and enjoyed a tour of the brand new store. Our bloggers thoroughly enjoyed learning about the concepts that go into creating each space and the history behind every piece of furniture in the store. Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_001 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_002 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_003 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_004 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_005 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_006 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_007 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_008 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_009 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_010 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_011 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_012 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_013 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_014 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_015 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_016 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_017 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_018 Charleston_Blog_Society_Arhaus_019

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Arhaus for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // Blend Juice Bar

This Spring we hosted a super yummy night out at Blend Juice Bar in Mt. Pleasant. Blend pulled out all the stops with an array of mini juices and items from their brand new food menu. The bloggers enjoying snacking on healthy treats like avocado toast and energy bites and later in the evening we were given a tour of their brand new food truck. Throughout the night we held a blind taste test of one of their smoothies and the lucky winners, Venita and Louis, took home a one day juice cleanse! Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_001 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_002 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_003 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_004 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_005 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_006 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_007 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_008 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_009 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_010 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_011 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_013 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_014 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_015 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_016 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_017 Charleston_Blog_Society_Blend_018

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography Thanks to Blend for hosting us!

Bloggers Night Out // The Gadsden House

This past February the bloggers were treated to a Valentine’s event at The Gadsden House. This was one of our biggest events ever as I created an event space that also doubled as a styled shoot. I wanted to create an inspiring party that was fun, girly, and most of all something the bloggers hadn’t seen before. There’s nothing like creating a beautiful room for a styled shoot and then getting to enjoy all of the decor after!Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_001 Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_002The Gadsden House provided the ideal backdrop for this styled shoot. With it’s French blue walls and gold accents, it is one of the most elegant spaces in Charleston. The Silver Starfish made all of my heart shaped dreams come true with a paper suite that was to die for! Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_003Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_004Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_005Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_006 I surprised the bloggers with a special guest, yoga maven Kathryn Budig. She spoke about remaining true to yourself as your blog and social media presence grows. Her talk was definitely the highlight of the night! Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_007Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_008Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_009Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_010Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_011A rustic farm table and gold flatware from EventHaus were the perfect compliment to the space. I decorated the table with ombre roses and an XO table runner I created using white paint and kraft paper. By keeping the florals simple and sticking to just roses the other decor elements could really shine. Swank Desserts, One Hope Wine and, The Cocktail Bandits provided red and pink snacks and sips for the bloggers to enjoy. Follow along with our hashtag to view even more images from our event – #bemineblogger! Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_012Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_013Charleston_Blog_Society_Gadsden_014

Thanks to The Gadsden House for hosting us! Photography + Styling + Florals: Gillian Ellis Photography // Venue: The Gadsden House // Rentals: EventHaus // Desserts: Swank Desserts // Paper Goods: The Silver Starfish // Speaker: Kathryn Budig // Bubbly: One Hope Wine + The Cocktail Bandits // Table Runner: DIY by Gillian Ellis

Bloggers Night Out // StyleDwell

This past December we hosted a holiday party at the James Island boutique StyleDwell. The bloggers were treated to a DIY hot cocoa bar and goody bags full of candles from Candlefish and adorable pom pom key chains from StyleDwell. While Jamberry gave the bloggers tired hands a refresh with a pop up a nail bar. This was a holiday party not to be missed! Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_001 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_002 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_003 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_004 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_005 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_006 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_007 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_008 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_009 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_010 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_011 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_012 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_013 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_014 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_015 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_016 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_017 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_018 Charleston_Blog_Society_StyleDwell_019

Thanks to StyleDwell for hosting us! Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography

Style a Blogger at Beckett Boutique

This past November we were treated to a night out at one of Charleston’s newest and chicest shops, Beckett Boutique. The bloggers sipped on champagne cocktails provided by O&O Hooch and a bevvy of yummy snacks. (Add this mixer to champagne and you won’t be sorry!) For the evening Beckett Boutique hosted a game of “Style a Blogger.” Each blogger chose a name out of a hat and had to style that person with clothing from the boutique. The winner went home with a bracelet from Elizabeth and James and a pair of sunglasses from Le Specs!charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_001 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_002 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_003 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_004 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_005 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_006 The lovely ladies of Beckett Boutique charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_007 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_008 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_009 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_010 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_011 The Savvier // Fashionately in Love charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_012 My Borrowed Heaven // Charleston Shop Curator charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_013 Bikini’s & Brunch // The Southern Edge charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_014 Pink and Green Moms // Porcelain Shree charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_015 charleston_blog_society_beckett_boutique_016

Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography

Bloggers at the Barre

This past November the Charleston Blog Society was treated to an after hours private class at Barre Evolution. The barre studio opened their doors to us and introduced our group to the amazingly challenging and strengthening world that is Barre. Barre Evolution might be hands down the friendliest exercise studio you will ever go to. They warmly welcomed all of us bloggers and were beyond patient and excited to help everyone through their first barre experience. The bloggers were treated to goody bags full of sticky socks, Barre Evolution t-shirts, guests passes and coupons for Blend Juice Bar.

We began our night sampling juices from Blend Juice Bar. (My personal favorite was the red, who knew beet juice could be so good?) We then met the owners of Barre Evolution Nancy, Nicole, and our instructor for the night, Teresa. Teresa led us through an hour long class that pushed us to shake and stretch! Trying a new exercise can be intimidating but the Barre Evolution instructors are just so warm that all of us felt completely comfortable during our first experience. So much so that several bloggers signed up for monthly memberships after their first experience. If you see any of us bloggers at the barre make sure you come say hi!
charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_001 charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_002charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_004charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_009charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_006charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_005charleston_blog_society_barre_evolution_003